Visiting Plantoem

Visiting Plantoem at 3457 Waialae Ave, Honolulu.

We are open everyday 10am-7pm. Annual closed days are Thankgiving day and Christmas day. We have a lot of parkings in and around the building.

If you need direction, please click here.

We are a plant shop with a cafe hidden in the back.

Our retail products include indoor and outdoor live plants, planters, plant stands, gardening tools, supplies and accessories. 

We give plant advices such as care instruction, styling tips, and free planting classes.


Our cafe items include espresso coffee drinks, iced tea, flower hot tea pot, specialty drinks like honey matcha latte, pastries and more.

In our cafe space, we feature fine arts from local artists. We also host events such as Jazz & Poetry nights, Painting Classes, Pottery workshops etc.

If you are interested in joining our events, please click here.


If you are currently outside of Hawaii and would like to purchase a plant from us,

please click here to check out our availability on plants shipping to mainland US.

If you would like us to deliver a live plant to your loved ones who live in Oahu,

please click here to check out our availability on local delivery plants.


Thank you for your love for Plantoem.

Let's all have a beautiful indoor jungle together!